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The keyboard is hot since 2 weeks


Busy times in fact ! I’ve first released the new awaited MondoRescue version 2.2.8. Especially people with a recent kernel were in need of an upgrade as well as people wanting multipath or ext4 support. I also released new packages for RHAS 2.1 (allowing easy P2V migration for those very old distros, but still used a lot in fact – when it works why change ? – well security, but that’s another topic) abd for the newly released Debian 5.0 (aka Lenny). Especially useful as MondoRescue has been droped from Debian for obscure reasons (at least for me) during the process.

Then in our HP/Intel Solution Center using it we found a bad corner case, where on a system having a full /tmp (bad things happen sometimes ;-), mindi would then be unable to create a temporary directory. And as that call wasn’t tested correctly, it would do a lot of bad things to your server such as moving directories around !! I want to thank my colleague in the Center, Jean-Marc André, who was victim of the bug, but succeeded in getting a good backup of the original system, so solved the current issue, and then worked with me on the final solution.

So I released mindi 2.0.6 yesterday to avoid others to fall in the same trap as us. BTW, I had a bit of time, as I need to stay at home for 2/3 days after an infiltration made at the Grenoble Hospital for problems I have at my left leg.

So I also used that time in front of my keyboard to work on my other computer child called (aka pb) and published version 0.9.6. This will help people who wants to use Virtaul Environments (aka chroot) to build packages instead of VMs (Virtual Machines) offered up to now. After all, without pb, I would not be able to build all my packages for MondoRescue, so it’s fair to dedicated also some time to it 😉

That project would deserve a much better doc than what I’ve been able to produce up to now, and I hope to work on this next. However, if some brave people would like to test it and report about their findings, that would be very welcome !! I setup a mailing-list to host discussions around it at so feel free to engage the conversation. You’ll see that there are some brilliant people around that have a very strong experience on package building.