Solutions Linux 2009: Summmary of visit Day 1

Arrival at 8:45AM
As each year, it’s really a pleasure to come back to Solution Linux in Paris.
This year was the tenth anniversary, but due to the economic context it has not really been possible to see it as a big celebration, but rather the continuous meeting of the french speaking community.
This year we had to change of location and go to Porte de Versailles as the CNIT (La Defense) wasn’t available because of its re-work). At the end, new dates later in the year, more space for the exhibition part, but no dedictaed rooms for conference the the noise impact was extremely important, and really made the conf difficult to follow. Next year, we will have dedicated rooms, separted from the exhibition, so conditions should be at the level expected by the good level of conference

Being part of the commitee selecting conferences, I’m always following some of them, especially in the track I’m co-leading with Laurent Marie from Linagora (Linux and Data Centers). Laurent managed the AM part which contained mainly a Nagios Track. Not too many people in our session (especially compared to previous years), probably due to the change of name (was Managing, Operating, Monitoring Linux Systems)

A good overvew of Nagios was proposed by Yannig Perre (Simia) which also underlined the weakness of Nagios, its difficult configuration. It it has been just followed by the excellent Cedric Temple (Merethis) who showed us all the progress made by FAN (Ful Automated Nagios) since the last time I saw it. Based on a CentOS distribution, it integrates in standard what misses to Nagios (lot of plugins, Centreon, Nagvis, Nareto, …) and thus gives to admin a one stopshop for creating a management station. Very successful and really a project to follow, as 2.0 should be soon out with all the latest versions of the above mentioned tools.

I then had to change room to deliver a session on MondoRescue in the Desktop track. I even met a real user (since at least 2 years) in the attendance and got some interesting questions. Always happy to deliver that session, even if I now need to rework it to renew the subject (hopefully for October in Japan, he, he, …)

Lunch was the occasion of meeting with Anne Nicolas and Erwan Velu. I’m always very happy to be lucky to exchange with them, take News of Mandriva and Seanodes, and their baby πŸ˜‰ Anne is looking to certify Mandriva Enterprise Server on different hardware manufacturer servers, and I’ll see how I can help her achieve that on HP Proliant. I remember when Erwan was coming at our Grenoble Center some 8 years ago to test Mandrakelinux on our NetServer. O tempora, o mores πŸ˜‰

Was time then to go back to the session, that I lead during the afternoon. Sebastien Lefebvre (Mndriva) started with a presentation on Pulse 2, the new Mandriva solution for system deployment and management, including Linux, Windows, and other Unix systems. Overview rather than deep dive, I wasn’t completely informed and had to pass 1 hour the day after on the Mandriva booth in order to get a better architectural view. Sebastien said it was btw the goal of his presentation. Then Pierre-Gilles Mialon (Linagora) arrived just on time and encountered problems with the Video projector, so was seriusly stressed to start his presentation 😦 Too bad, as it was probbly the most interesting of the afternoon. Pierre-Gilles described how an Internet hosting activity in Linagora took benefit of Debian, puppet, nanoBSD (f
or their software routers) to mnge a large set of systems inΒ  very efficient and productive way. You can fell (even through the stress) the great experience accumulated by Pierre-Gilles during these activities and his passion for Open Source.

After the break, I presented a new stack I’m working on in the HP/Intel Slution Center for a deployment server called … πŸ˜‰ I covered explanation on various deployment techniques (imaging vs automatic installation) and gave an overview of the architecture. Not a lot of code yet, but we should make progress soon.And we finished with Julien Legrand (Bull) on live update of Java EE applications versions wihtout interruption of service.

After the conf cycle, I went to the Linagora booth to meet various people there and tke the temperature on their side. Alexandre Zapolsky said that crisis was an unknown word for Linagora. Good to see that some Open Source firms are alive and well performing. Was also the occasion to exchange more with Pierre-Gilles Mialon during nearly an hour on various topics related to Open Source, and learn more around ISP problems and usages of Open Source. I lso discovered tht Alexandre is a great DJ πŸ˜‰

Was then time for the evening dinner with Francois Jeanmougin (EDS, an HP company) and other sysadmins, and also Jean-Yves Reynaud (former EDS and new Linagora) where discussions on HP, EDS and Open Source were animated, passionate and so interesting ! Jean-Yves has so many relationships in the FLOSS world and also so many anecdotes to explain, that the dinner passed way too quick ! Too bad he had to leave EDS 😦

Back at the hotel at 1:30, time to read mails of the day, and hack to support snapshot on VEs ! Good progres made ! Sleep at around 3:30AM

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