Solutions Linux 2009: Summmary of visit Day 3

Arrival at 10:00AM
Today, no conference lanned, so time to look at the exhibition more in details.
First meet with Francois Jeanmougin on the Ruby Booth where Ollivier Robert was driving operations 😉 So Again discussions around HP/EDS (no you won’t know all the bad we said 😉 This took enough time that we decided to continue the discusion during the lunch with Ollivier.
After, I met again Erwan, and we passed at least 2 hours discussing gPXE, syslinux and our experience around various VCS and DVCS. Interesting to see that we are both SVN old timers, and a bit disoriented in front of Mercurial (for me) and Git (for him). Extremely enjoying and enligthning discussion as always with Erwan.

I then met with Nicolas Chuche (long time no see) around the booth ot Opensides, a small but extremely interesting HP partner dealing with various Open Source offering. Kolab on one side, but we mostly discussed with Benoit Mortier around GOsa, an LDAP based framework for system management and administration. I didn’t realized last year at RMLL, that GOsa was doing deployment. But this time I had the opportunity to discuss nearly 3 hours with Benoit (Really need to thank him for his time), and he explained me in lots of details how GOsa is working. I’ve been convinced by the use of a LDP directory server to store information on deployment and use them (with a patched DHCP server reading its content from it, as well as a patched tftp server doig the same and thus generating on the fly what is needed to do the PXE boot of the machine. Coupling these mecanisms with LiuxCOE and MondoRescue, could provide me with the ultimate deployment server I’m looking for.
Benoit Mortier is involved in those projects as contributor, and I really recommend that you contract him for your Open Source related needs (even outside of Kolab or GOsa), as he is extremely smart and knowledgeable, without the arrognce you can sometimes find with people who know their value. Benoit is also passionate and gives for me a perfect example of what a real guru is.

It was then time to leave to catch my train and going back to Grenoble. All in all, a good event, with strong exhibitors, good presentors, a location probably better for the event, and which needs improvement for the conferences. It stays the major professinal FLOSS event in France, and shows to everybody that even with the current crisis, our ecosystem is alive, bringing more and more solutions, and always makes afetr those years the computing revolution.

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One Response to “Solutions Linux 2009: Summmary of visit Day 3”

  1. Erwan Says:

    Hey Bruno,

    I have to say now the opposite is also true.. I now have some difficulties returning back to svn… Last day I spent 10mn searching “svn up” 😉

    At least, I find that git is a nice (even complicated) tool for distributed projects.

    That’s always a pleasure to meet you and spending time exchanging experiences.

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