RHCE: A certification which matters

When I was working for Medasys, I had the opportunity to pass a certain number of certifications around HP technologies we were distributing, and that were mandatory to be at the right level of agreement with HP. It was back in 1995-1999 and those certs were all MCQ based. Nothing fancy, and even of some of them were still hard to get (requiring knowledge outside of the training, so showing a larger ability of the certified person), by attending correctly the course, and reading documents, it was normal that you got them.

Last week, I had the opportunity to pass the RHCE training and exam (RH300) as part of the joint initiative I’m leading between HP/Intel and Red Hat in EMEA for our Solution Center. And I was extremely surprised by both the quality of the content (even someone like me having 16 years of LInux behind himself learnt some new options and commands – partprobe !) and also by the clever troubleshooting session of the last training day. Of course, I can not speak in detail of the RHCE exam in itself (due to NDA), but would just like to comment on the fact that the Lab (as it’s only Lab based) truly reflects day to day activities of an Internet connected sysadmin, is a real proof of the abilities of such a sysadmin (doing the amount of work asked in 3,5 hours requires good real knowledge) and I really enjoyed passing it, instead of filling boring ambiguous MCQ !

So well done Red Hat, you convinced me of your training capabilities, and that the value of that certification is indeed real. So I’m now looking at the rest of the cursus to become RHCA, but that’s another story …

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