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tellico: Open Source the way we love it


I’m collecting a lot. CDs (I have thousands of them, especially in early music), DVDs, books, Comics. And when you have a large collection, and a declining brain, you need a tool to help you managing those data efficiently.

I looked at different ones, and chose tellico. Beacuse it’s a KDE apps, so fit well in my desktop env. But because it’s just a very clever apps ! You know that the person writing it is using it, and has the reall needs someone collecting has. Completion in almost every field, possibility to add, remove change fields at will, nice out of the box choices, templates, Amazon and lots of other sites download feature, CDDB import… You name it ! And good performances, even without a RDBMS. Very impressing.

But that’s not sufficient. The most important for me, is the reaction of the community (here the dev team is mainly one person, Robby Stephenson) when you ask for an evolution, propose a patch, …
Back in August 2007, I proposed a patch to add Amazon comics import which was accepted in a couple of days, and was part of the next release 1.2.14 ! Robby is following the project very well, is friendly on the mailing list, and thus has created a good tellico community.

More recently I migrated my desktop to KDE 4.2. Not that I’m found of it, but that’s the way to go forward, even if not everything is working the way I’d liked in KDE 3.5. So I also tried the tellico provided with my Mandriva 2009.1 distribution, and realized the version was still under dev, even if mostly working. But in that case the “mostly” wasn’t sufficient for me. 2 annoyances and one major bug was preventing me to use tellico at all with CDs 😦 So I wrote again on the mailing list to report those issues, and Robby did as usal, a very quick and efficient analysis of the problems, and now the latest SVN version has fixes for 1 annoyance and the major bug. So in return I pushed back that SVN version into cooker so that further Mandriva users may benefit from it !

It’s not so difficult to make a community happy: listen, discuss, take, patch, fix, publish. I know by my other projects it takes time, and that you’re not always able to do it the way you even would like. But the result is worth the work ! Robby can enjoy trusted users, ready to do more around the project and help him as much as he is helping us. So I wish he’ll continue for a long time this good job around tellico.

Now back to filling the DB with the numerous remaining CDs. For one month I had a good reason to not do it, but now I can’t 😉