Am I Interdependent ?

Reading the brilliant article that Kartik Subbarao wrote recently on Open Source and Interdependent IT , I was questioning myself to see where I was in this model.

For sure, since I discovered FLOSS in 1993, and learned the impact of licenses choices, I’ve never been dependent anymore … as long as I stay in a FLOSS environment.
It has literally changed my life:

  • First being able to learn more by myself, through the outstanding work of thousands of people documenting the projects, on top of the possibillity to access the code in itself, with its comments to better understand what it was trying to achieve.
  • The second change is my ability to do system and network administration up to the end: whatever the issue I encounter, I know I can go up to the code (which in practice I rarely have to do) in order to solve it.
    It has changed and also greatly improved my ability to debug even complex situations. And it’s much more interesting in such an environment, as each time you learn something, instead of just rebooting for the error to disappear.
  • Third, it allows me to align my personal ethic about knowledge sharing, science improvements with a reality such as providing feedbacks to projects, or patches, or even further, as time passed leading projects, then starting new ones. Each time corresponding to new relationshop with more people, so more opening on different configurations, environments, solutions, finaly giving benefit back to me.

So I’m clearly independent, more and more, which is as important to me as my freedom of speech and thinking. Now am I interdependent ? Well I do my best, but still think this is a progressive evolution, that will never really end, as the broader my knowledge has become, the more I realize so limited number of things I know, even in chat people could tend to consider as the small world of FLOSS.
But frankly it’s worth trying, already at an individual level, as it’s so rewarding. Transfering that at the enterprise level, especially in my case in HP, is another story 😉

At least, I’m interdependent with Kartik, and I’m gratuful for the numerous occasion I had to discuss live (the best) or remotely (when you can’t do something else) with him about FLOSS as, as prooved by that article, his thoughts always make you progress.

If you’re lucky to be at LinuxCon, go and listen to him live and say hello for me !

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