Small is beautiful: JDLL 2009

Small event the JDLL 2009 ? Well yes of course, it’s not in Paris, doesn’t present big names. So what ! Very interesting presentations were made there, such as Bruno Bonfils on Open Solaris. Some other where more looking like a catalog of tools (Cloud, HA), so a bit less useful, or strange, such as the dmoz one, which provides an alternative in the way to search on the web, but in a close environment, with free content provideed by numerous contributors.

But the session which was probably the most interesting for me was the one delivered by Alix Cazenave (April) and Benjamin Bayart (FDN). Not that I didn’t know the subject – Net neutrality. But they always give you the latest news from what happens behind the scene, keepping a very accessible talk, even for newcomers, but provinding as well deep content for those already aware, and thus still learning on the topic.

And I also appreciated greatly the conversasions I had there (why do you want to be there live, if not to talk to and meet new people) on OmegaT a promising tool to help translators, professionals as well as non-professionals and also with the folks on the April booth that I met for the first time there.

And speaking of April, please, consider reinforcing your Open Source and Free/Libre Software associations near you (April, AFUL), or less near. When you see the results around Hadopi in France, it’s definitely worth paying a small fee so that those people may work tirelessly to defend FLOSS, and explain to our representatives the importance it has for our technological, and also cultural independance, as well as for the defense of work based in Europe.

A lot of legal fights are in preparation, and we, Net-citizens and also State-citizen, should not let those debates be held without our voice to be listened to, and understood.

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