MondoRescue leads to … 16 hours of travel ;-)

It’s incredible what an Open Source project can lead you to achieve !

Last week, I was involved in a consulting activity around MondoRescue (seems to become somehow a hot topic for some customers) to make it more robust in handling LVM devices exclusion. For the record, it’s still not completely finished but we made lots of progress during those 2 days with the customer.

The interesting part of that is that it was in Madrid Spain ! So I was able to enjoy traveling a bit, and specially eating at a very nice restaurant (Nina), where I even found a french person explaining everything to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ The dinner was just great ! Highly recommended.

However, when leaving on Friday, it was really snowing hard around Lyon, France and as a consequence, the airport was closed. I was warned by SMS that my flight was cancelled but without reason. So I decided to go to the airport and look at options. That’s where I learnt the closing of the airport. Could have been in the SMS ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyway, I could indeed change my flight for one to Paris, Charles de Gaulle. I was also happy that our travel agency could reserve a train from Paris to Lyon. So that’s what I did. Left Madrid a bit later, and arrived in Paris at 8:30PM instead of in Lyon at 7:30PM but better than nothing. Then I catch my train… well of course, because the driver wasn’t there. He was himself delayed. So departure was made 1/2 an hour later than planed, finaly at 10:30P and all in all the train had 2 and half hours of delay due to snow, and arrived at 2:45 in Lyon. Well late, but not too bad looking at the wheather conditions !

I was very surprised that the SNCF (French national railroad company) had 4 people waiting for travellers and making accomodations for those in correspondance, or providing taxis for those like me wanting to go back to the airport or in the city. Very nice and helpful. Kudos to them. So I arrived at 3:45AM at the airport to take back my car. I put chains on it before leaving, as highway had 2/3 centimeters of snow !

Trip back was tiring, and long, as I had problems with my chains. I slept one hour in the middle and finally arrived at 8:30M at home. So really Open Source projects can lead you to incredible situations !!

And that was easy, as this week, I fly to Sweden ๐Ÿ˜‰


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