New MondoRescue committer

Building a community is difficult. But maintaining it is as well. Sometimes people involved in projects see their interests changing, and the MondoRescue project is like any other here. Andree Leidenfrost seems to have less and less time to dedicate to the project, and I can understand that easily, having met him in Australia back in 2007, and knowing his involvement at work and also the new challenges he has in his personal life. Anyway, Andree stays in the project and can contribute as long as he wants as I’m trusting his submissins, and ideas around the project.

And today, a new committer just did his first checkin into the Subversion tree !! So it’s really nice to see that other long time users of the tool, are becoming more and more interested in it, up to the point of wanting to dedicate a bit of time. So welcome to Victor in the team, and I hope this is just the start of a long collaboration 😉

But even if you’re not able to commit patches to a prject, there are multiple ways of being useful to one: help each other on the mailing list, create bug reports, translate the documentation, or messages, improve the Wiki, or the documentation, … or simply use the tool and report bugs or enhancement requests. All thoese activities are needed to have a project remaining alive. And I hope that this year will see more and more good new around the MondoRescue project; so that it delivers always more services to its user base.

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