HP ProLiant and Linux users ? You should look at SDR

As with every big corporation, sometimes you dislike what is being done in it. But sometimes, you really feel the power of what it is to belong to the #1 in IT, and feel really proud of what some of your colleagues are achieving.

The Linux on Proliant engineering team lead by Estella Jangaon really got it. And what is said in this HP magazine, page 31 is true: They improved a lot the ProLiant integration into the Linux ecosystem, as well as Linux support on ProLiant.

Not only do they have the right approach to publish all drivers they can under the GPL, and to integrate them upstream, but they also modified the way ProLiant Support Packs were delivered from a compressed tar file containing packages installed with a script, to a real repository of packages, that you can point to with
and use as easyly as doing yum install hp-smh. Isn’t that great !

So I’m seeing my Debian/Ubuntu friends ranting and thinking, that everything is always rpm based and done for RHEL/SLES only. No, it’s just wrong ! You’ll recognize here the clever touch of Bryan Gartner, the man behind communitylinux.org and LinuxCOE. So indeed, yes, you can ™ just type as well apt-get install hp-smh and enjoy the possibility to become a member of the ProLiant ecosystem and check by yourself that “Linux simply runs better on ProLiant”

So if you dream to test it, just read the SDR web page in order to know how to proceed.

Now I just need to improve project-builder.org enough so that this team can use it, and deliver also Mandriva packages and urpmi support 😉

And the best in that story, is that they remain accessible and open, as true deep technologists. So even if it’s not usual in corporation to distinguish individuals, be sure that without these individuals we, HP Open Source and Linux community members, would not be able to be proud of where we are today. So kudos to Estella and Bryan, and keep up the excellent work.

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