MondoRescue is also there

Already 2 articles in May ! Well, it reflects more the activities done in April in fact. Before leaving for a marvelous one week trip in Florence with the family where we passed most of our time visiting museums, churches and palazzi, I published that required update to which had an annoying issue with LVM. Hopefully this time LVM and especially LVM exclusion is working better.

I try to just fix problems that are reported in this branch, to keep stability as promised. This is really our LTS version.

In parallel, I have modified a lot the code in the current 2.2.10 SVN branch. In order to reflect the non-compatibility and solve the numbering issues, it will in fact be named 3.0.0 when out.

I know i’ve promised since a long time this new 3.0.0 version. But times are coming when I’ll be able to publish it. Mindi is already in good shape, with a major difference: no special busybox is needed anymore, since it is using the native distribution binaries now. Will also allow hopefully an easier Fedora integration.

Changes are numerous:

svn diff svn+ssh:// svn+ssh:// | wc -l

Among those a lot of low level modifications on memory management.

After that will be on track, I’ll change again for a perl re-write, which is as well slowly maturing but now more than required. And I have most of the bricks I need to work on it I think.

And I’ll be presenting the project again, and deliver in addition a Lab during the upcoming HP Technology Summit in Las Vegas in June.

Hope to meet with some of you there, and also next week in Valencia in Spain for the Red Hat EMEA Partner Summit

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