0.9.9 is finaly out

I decided to freeze the current state of to deliver it under the 0.9.9 name.

It’s more to give access externaly to the current state of the art of this project, rather than it represents a final point of features in fact. A certain number of small bugs have been fixed, so it’s useful at least for that. Also I introduced with this version a new tool (and package) called rpmbootstrap, whose role is to create a chroot of a RPM based distro. I’ve been able to create CentOS and Fedora chroot up to now. Still working on it for OpenSUSE and Mandriva. It’s largely based on ideas of rinse, and debootstrap, but tightly coupled with pb and reusing some of its interesting features around distribution detection.

And at the same time, support of debootstrap has also been added so it’s possible to easily build now with chroots for most distro.

And I have passed a lot of time trying to improve documentation. Pod doc was already quite good for functions. Now in addition, we have the Lab for easy setup, and a complete documentation of the pb.conf possibilities, which will allow to work now on the possibility to use tool to manipulate them (Target is to use Config-Model). And a website has been setup. Not as complete as I’d like it to be, but a start 😉

And I’ll be presenting the tool, and re-deliver the Lab during the upcoming HP Technology Summit in Las Vegas in June.

Hope to meet with some of you there, and also next week in Valencia in Spain for the Red Hat EMEA Partner Summit

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