Too many sites to follow for your FLOSS info ? Just use FOSSBazaar !

It’s always difficult to follow the stream of info related to FLOSS. Many sites, duplication of info, some articles more interesting than others. The best would be a tool that could gather those and filter them for me.

But in fact even better is when someone is doing that, as a brain is irreplacable for this ! And on, Linux Foundation working group dedicated to FLOSS Governance, you have that ! Martin Michlmayr is doing an incredible job of gathering the best articles available on FLOSS. It has since one year become my single source of info, and I now have a quality feed, and do not miss important articles.

I’ve just subscribed to any new article, blog entry, … published on the site, and that’s it. And of course, if you do the same, you cancontribute as more and more are doing to it, including the main topic of Governance by sharing your best practices with others.

Great job Martin, and keep up the good work !

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