Mondo Rescue

I realized that I forgot to mention here that the latest and greatest version of MondoRescue was recently published ( Includes a mandatory fix for a bug reported by a user where mindi was abusively unmounting FS he didn’t mount itself, creating all sort of isssues as you can imagine for the sysadmin 😦 This was enough to justify a quick publication, as well as the come back of code I estimated useless, but which was creating long delays in filelist analysis, so I put it back ! It also fixes another nasty bug where cmp was created if not found !! (dates from very old versions of mondo).

Of course, as soon as it was published, reports mentioned that another patch included to add Xen kernel support (Thanks Michael !) wasn’t in fact working in all cases, so I also had to publish rapidly after a new mindi version fixing that issue.

All in all that version is going well, and really becomes more and more stable. I’ve worked on 2.2.10 and still need to make tests with it befor’e it’s publication. But in parallel, I’ve also started the work on a perl version. And clearly I’d like to work more on it, as with the brick I get from pb, a lot of issues I’m having now, would be much easier to solve in perl. I initialy planned to do that much later, but as I’m traveling more these days, it gives me opportunities in plane to make some progresses on that 😉

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