Mageia: End of trouble for the Mandriva community ?

Well, it wasn’t too long to wait 😉

At least the Mandriva community doesn’t seem to be in trouble anymore. Mageia, a Mandriva fork has been made by an impressive list of former Mandriva contributors and employees. So I’ve subscribed to the mailing lists, and will now contribute to this fork as well myself (don’t expect much that what I was doing before however ;-)). There I know the names of the people behind and appreciate them, so should give us an exit way by the top. The real question remaining there for me is how will some of the former employee be able to contibute, without a regular and fixed salary around. I guess the future will say how this evolves for them.

So to my previous blog message, the answer is even more clear that the Mandriva that is now in trouble is the Mandriva SA company. They didn’t generated the trust in their community. So it vanished. Remember XFree86 vs Xorg ? I’m pretty sure we are on a similar history now.

So long live Mageia, and given the name, I wouldn’t be surprised to find our magician back again as well as its spirit 🙂

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4 Responses to “Mageia: End of trouble for the Mandriva community ?”

  1. Brock Landers Says:

    Mandriva lives!

  2. Ourcraft Says:

    I will be following this closely, and I pledge to contribute a full years “subscription” or whatever model is chosen. I think a smaller but more regular plan is best, but good luck to mageia.

    A distro where the community is the heart, its magic.

  3. and infrastructure update « Bruno Cornec’s Blog Says:

    […] is still IMHO the most friendly to receive contributions. So, even if the future may be seen as uncertain, it’s still fo me the way to […]

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