FLOSS is the right word

For once I’ll advocate that our community uses rather the “european” word FLOSS than anything else used around.

  • OS is for me rather Operating System (and thus confusing)
  • OSS is rather Operating System Support for Telco providers, and also a french spy as well đŸ˜‰
  • FOSS is the name of a company: http://www.foss.com/ so my willingness to fight with trademark related stuff is weak here !

So remains FLOSS: Free/Libre Open Source Software/Solutions. Maybe longer but much less ambiguous. And contains clearly the notion of liberty we’re all attached to.


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11 Responses to “FLOSS is the right word”

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    […] get me wrong, I’m always favouring open format, and free, libre, open source software. But I’m also practical, and if I need to use a software to have my work done which is not […]

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    […] it has allowed our industry to flourish and develop itself in an incomparable way. And of course, FLOSS has been a clear accelerator of the Internet […]

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    […] has announced today that he was leaving HPE again. 2 years after he came back all of us FLOSSers inside HPE are orphaned again. He didn’t stay longer than Martin Fink and thus we have now […]

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    […] Another initiative of interest was the presentation of the LibreHosters, even if they have less hosters WW currently than the CHATONS in France, while aiming at the same goal, neutral and transparent hosting using FLOSS. […]

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    […] as they want to check with acts that this is indeed true, but I just have one life, and as with FLOSS, I like to rely on work done by others and just do new stuff to improve the global […]

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