FOSSology presentation at OW2 annual conference 2010

It was just a quick travel from Grenoble to Paris the 25th of November to be at the 2010 OW2 annual conference, and in order to contrbute to the SQUAT track and deliver a FOSSology presentation (slides available here).

The FOSSology session went well. I had about 20 people attending (good due to the size of the room in La Cantine), and made some good contacts again, and had good questions as well.

The track was managed by Alexandre Lefebvre, France Telecom, and OW2 CTO.

Other talks I attended in the morning:

Antelink pres (Samuel Langlois):

BSTQC pres (Hao Kong):

Novaforge (Emmanuel Rias):

  • Novaforge is now an OW2 Project (Integrates Mantis, SVN, DokuWiki, Hudson, Sympa, TestLink, …)
  • Not pushing on new tool integration (done for some customers) but rather enrich the existing ecosystem
  • No Git atm e.g. or Salome (Quality Center competitor)
  • OW2 forge to migrate from Gforge to Novaforge
  • Migration tool is Talend (Usage of Web services)
  • Hopefully will be fully automated
  • Pilot (Novaforge !) in progress.
  • Others to follow after end of year.

QA @OW2 (Patrice Truong van Nga):

  • Creation of a new QA tool for OW2 projects + Label
  • 300 People at Ministery of Agriculture (few devs, experts) – 50+ Java J2EE projects
  • Process has been developed (and rules created/adapted/removed for the tools below => 470)
  • QA Tools have been introduced:
  • Rules violation detection (Pmd, Checkstyle for javadocs, Findbugs) – Java tools
  • Code coverage (Cobertura)
  • QA metrics, priorities and stats (Sonar)

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