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The Linux Foundation publishes a Compliance Tools page


The Linux Foundation has published a very interesting page, as part of its compliance program on Compliance Tools that can help every organization wanting to tool their analysis of FLOSS usage.

Mention of FOSSology is made as well as some other binary analysis tool, and new development managed by the Linux Foundation itself.

Of course, tools are just helpful, but they don’t substitute themselves to a good FLOSS Policy Manual nor correspondent or review board !

If your organization has not looked at it yet, it’s probably time to do it as it’s becoming one of the hot topics of the moment, as well as for communities themselves. more parallelism


Looking around to improve some of the performances of, I found an interesting perl module: Parallel-ForkManager.

Its man page shows how you can quickly parallelize a loop in order to benefit from the numerous cores that each system today has. It took me just a couple of minutes to transform, so that the generation of all build files becomes a parallel operation, thus reducing dramatically the time it was taking – at least on my Xeon X5680 @ 3.33GHz !!

Very easy as you can see in the changeset, and very efficient. And if you don’t have the module, you can still work in serial mode, but once you tested it, you don’t want to go back 😉

Next step, is to also apply that feature to the build in itself on multiple VMs or VEs, but that will require a bit more work, as the loop is not so easily usable as of now. More on that later, once the code is re-architectured.