nearly ready for 0.10.1

Next version of won’t be 0.9.11 as expected ! This is due first to the incompatibilities introduced with 0.9.10. a pb 0.9.10 cannot work in a VE|VM with the current devel version of pb, and the VE|VM will have to be updated with setupve|vm.

Also on top of that quite a new set of features have been added since last version, in particular the parallelism of tasks. After the work on sbx|cms2build, I’ve done now build2pkg and also build2ve. It implied more modifications in order to have each script file generated during the preparation phase unique so that each VE could get it correctly. I’ve tested this night with 2 VEs to build pb packages, and it is now working quite well, and that’s where having a multi-core, multi-thread machine such as min base on a Core i7 Xeon helps a lot aand makes a difference.

The last remaining part is to also add that feature to VMs. I’m very near from it, I just need to handle the fact that communication based on SSH with each VM has to use a different port, whereas now it’s the same for a given project. Hopefully this will be done over the week-end, which will allow publication of the new stable version of pb in sequence.

This feature is also useful for my colleagues working on the FOSSology project to generate packages for their 1.3.0 version on their side.

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