0.10.1 published and next steps

So, finally 0.10.1 has been published.

A lot has been done in that version, so look at the ChangeLogs files for details. In particular, that version of pb is not backward compatible with the previous one, thus the change of version (from 0.9 to 0.10). Which also means that it is highly recommended to update your VMs/VEs with that new version of pb with the setupvm|ve command.

Another incompatibility is with the cms2* commands which now really take the content of the CMS/VCS not the sandbox status. In order to get the previous behaviour, please use the sbx2* commands instead. man pb is probably helpful 😉 In particular, if you build from files (via http/ftp) and not a VCS, you’ll have to use the new sbx commands to have your package build correctly, as there is no CMS in that case.

This version now supports parallelism during the sbx|cms2build, sbx|cms|build2vm|ve phases which can drastically reduce build time for packages. For this to work, as explained earlier, you need the perl module Parallel::ForkManager installed on your system. The VMs|VEs may benefit from it but it is not required, and only useful if you have lots of cores on your host, to enable multi-cpus VM|VEs.

A small bug has been found post-release for those of you using the announce command. What ? nobody ranted ? Well, as I’m probably the only one using that feature, sounds obvious 😉

I’ll now also work more with my FOSSology colleagues to help them produce packages for their just announced 1.3.0 version with pb.

More interesting is what will come next: As part of our joint work with Intel in our Solution Center, is part of a new solution stack we’re developing with their collaboration around RISC/Unix to IA/Linux migration. Continuous packaging was identified as a key aspect, and helping our customers support multiple platforms in parallel is indeed very useful. So it was agreed, also following an internal presentation and some surveys made during it, that our next supported platform had to be HP-UX.

So I’m working with the help of Josh Zhao on adding this, and this is expected for 0.10.2. And another colleague Nicolas Doualot is helping setting up a demo environment to showcase our Continuous Packaging approach.

Signing packages is also high on my list, but is still a problem on RPM based distro. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with a solution after some FOSDEM discussions !

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