I’ve been upset these last monthes by the fact that my usual applications which were allowing me to publish on FreeDB CDs content were not working anymore. I was using kscd from the KDE project, but the latest version with KDE 4.x is just not interesting anymore, with that feature having disappeared.

Same for audex which doesn’t provide it. Grip is Gnome based and doesn’t allow for category edition.

Too bad as it’s an area where a graphical tool is very interesting in general.

So, I decided to write a small tool to help me doing that. So here is CDDBeditor. Not a nice and fancy tool. But it provides to me what I need: CDDB data edition and re-send by mail.

It’s perl based (always a good way to lear), based on the CDDB_get CPAN module for the CDDB features, and also uses Newt, as a way to learn how to use this environment. It could be very seful for future versions of or even MondoRescue.

I use it since August 2009, and to my great surprise, I remarked that I was among the best contributors to with it !! More over, as I’m alone to use it (well I think so at least ;-)) I now know I created 274 entries in FreeDB last year with it. Still far from all the CD for which I got an entry already entered previously by others in FreeDB,but my small stone to the whole wall.

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