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So now that I have your attention with this interesting Cloud buzzword, I can develop the idea i’m adding to at the moment.

Currently supports building in Virtual Machines (VM) or Virtual Environments (VE) aka chroot, which are all managed by the machine running the pb command. But with the expansion of the project I’m working on in our joint HP/Intel collaboration, we want to be able to support Continuous Packaging also on machine for which we can’t have a VM or a VE hosted, such as an Itanium HP-UX one or a Sparc Solaris one.

Of course, it’s always possble to log on one of these systems, install pb, give access to the VCS/CMS repository and voila, you’ve shiny new packages. But you (as I) want more no ?

So I’m realizing a new series of patches so that pb can launch build operations on a Cloud of machines, as long as you can connext to them through SSH. In fact the process is very similar to what pb currently does to build in a VM, except that this time, it can be a remote machine. I found it much easier to support than I thought in the code, proof that the design is not too bad and allows for easy improvements.

Also I made recently some good code cleanup after my stay at the FOSDEM where I attended a lot of perl sessions, that gave me energy to do that … during the 4 and half train trip I had to go back home.

And today, it took me less than 20 minutes and no cloud in the horizon to prepare 2 new VMs in order to support Debian 6.0 for future project releases. Tooling stuff is really helpful.

So expect a new version of pb RSN, in order to provide that additional support.

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