Next version will support the Mageia distribution

With the announcement of the first Mageia ISO, I thought it was ready enough to try to add Mageia support to So after the patch rev [1213], I produced my first mageia packages made with for pb itself.

A good start and a good preparation for me to allow for an even smoother migration when time will come to adopt this new distribution.

I’ve also made lots of various patches to better support additional sources when needed for the build, fix errors related to parallel build which were in 0.10.1, but that created again an incompatibility forcing people to update again pb inside their VM/VE/RM to work flawlessly with the pb outside.

Speaking of RM, this is a new concept in pb ! Remote Machines are now supported. Well not everything works fine as of now. setuprm has improved but has still bugs, but we are starting to see the light and being able to produce packages not only locally inside VMs or chroots (aka Virtuel Environments), but also by launching pb on a Remote Machine which can run whatever supported OS (HP-UX being the next one), which opens the door to work with buildfarms very easily.

All of that in the version 0.11.1 which should be out before the 14th of March, for our HP Technical Excellence Symposium in Grenoble, where I’ll present it, and also make a lab for our Solution Architects.

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