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TES 2011 is now over


That was both a tiring and exciting week. Tiring, because I had not a spare minute to do anything else that being involved in the Symposium. I had 2 Labs + 4 sessions to prepare for it, I wanted to follow as many sessions as possible, interact with as many people as possible (that’s the main goal !), and in fact I couldn’t completely fulfill that goal.

Finally in order to have a clean Lab, I had to publish the version 0.11.2 of just before. What is still needed to be able to claim I have a 1.0 now is probably package/repo signature. Should not be too long. Also during the MondoRescue Lab, a bug was found, which had alredy been signaled on the mailing list as well, and for which a patch has been provided yesterday ! So is not far away as well ! So interesting week for my projects 😉

But that was also very exciting, because we got the latest news on our future ProLiant servers (no I can’t disclose that, and yes what is planned is pretty amazing ;-)), our sponsors provided also this year lots of good technical content (it seems they now now this is what we want and not marketing presentations !). Steve Shaw frm Intel did a great job presenting around his very useful HammerOra GPL tool, simarly Olivier Renault made a very comprehensive tour of RHEL6, Vincent Untz covered in great details the OpenSuSE build service and appliance builder SuSE Studio and Nick Barcet made a summary of where Canonical is around Cloud computing.

Of course we had lots of great sessions made by HP speakers as well, such as Yann Allandit on Oracle, Fred Lherault on 3Par, Phil Robb on our OSL Governance strategy, Jean-Marc André on KVM and RHCS, Lester Wade on SLES HA, John Pruitt on SAP, Bdale Garbee on OSL@HP, Estella Jangaon, Vin Sharma, Karen Skweres and Bryan Gartner on next Generation ProLiant + all the one I couldn’t attend ! 52 speakers, for 107 sessions in total. And big thank to Eric Montaut for its wonderful organisation of a wine & cheese, and Jean-Luc Poirson for the global organization of the event !

I also had invited external Open Source projects to present their activities to our HP community. I was particularly interested to promote to my colleagues FusionInventory and iTop, and have them in the same room presenting to create some synergy between the projects, as I think there is great benefit from their association. Too bad I was presenting at the same time. It seems it worked well, and I think it’s beneficial for both HP people and external projects to have the opportunity to interact.

I can not thank enough my HP US colleagues for their venue. Bdale Garbee, Phil Robb, Estella Jangaon, Vin Sharma, Karen Skweres and of course Bryan Gartner just did an incredible job with their presentation, and re-invigorating our OSL energy. It’s great to see the power HP has internaly with them at the command.

Now time to consider the next HP events: The HP Discover one in Las Vegas will be as usual a giant proof of HP capabilites, while the next Tech Tour could well be very OSL focussed again with even more on next generation of ProLiant, and possibility to touch them for us OSL Advocates ! Can’t barely wait till then ! 0.11.1 has now been published


As just announced today, 0.11.1 has now been officialy published. All the latest news are detailed in the announce.

Now I’l probably release soon a 0.11.2 to fix some small annoying bugs that my colleagues using it reported in between, and in order to use the best version availble for the training I’m organizing next week (presentation ° Lab). So expect hopefully a 0.11.2 over the week-end !