0.11.3 is published

I recently queried users of to know would they would consider important to get before we could tag it as version 1.0. Of course, the community being very small, I didn’t get answers for that. So either the tool is perfect and they don’t need anything, or there is so much to do that we’re far from that point šŸ˜‰

Well I think we’re in the middle of the road here. Most of what *I* wanted to have for a 1.0 version is mostly there. What remains to do is a better support of signatures (especially with my GPG agent on deb packages with debsign which timeouts :-(), some fixes (especially #93 for MondoRescue and #99 for better gentoo support with test versions). Not sure about HP-UX support, or other OSes, as that could come later.

However, as I had a couple of fixes in my tree, I thought that it would be useful to publish 0.11.3 in order to have a better version around. Hopefully, will get some more users and/or feedback that will allow me to know if I continue on this 0.x track or if other do think that we reached something nearer from 1.0.

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