Mageia 1 is now out

As promised, Mageia 1 is now out. Well, it’s not that often that a new large distribution sees the light so there are reasons to celebrate !

And one way for me was to upgrade/install some computers with it. So I reinstall my daughter machine (everything on an NFS server + LDAP + automount). 20′ later + a flash 64bit plugin install + some packages reviewed, she was just at work again, with the new distribution. painless 🙂

Then I upgraded one of my laptops. That wasn’t as easy. I PXE booted it, and it upgraded most of the packages. But when rebooting I realized that there were still 800+ packages to do. So I used urpmi --autoselect to finish the job. It could be linked to some additional install + PLF by the way. 2 run after (due to that I guess) I had everything handy. 200+ mdv2010 packages are still around, so I’ll have to push some of the one I really use in Mageia now !

I also started to check that whay I want to do with that machine was still working. was regenerated without issue (there is a new perl warning on require I’ll have to fix).

The I tries MondoRescue and encoutered 2 problems, that I reported, due to DocBook generation. The first one was around incomplete catalogs for DocBook 4.1 and the second one is with the jadetex package which seems incomplete/incoherent

Outside from that, it seems to work pretty well globally. That consumer laptop seems to still have issues with its USB 3 hotplug, but that was already not working correctly with Mandriva 2010.2. All in all a smooth upgrade. Now I will have to do the same for my other machines, destops and servers, both at home and at work, but I’ll make some further checks during my upcoming travels beofre laucnhing the big bang operation in 2 weeks. Probably a couple of updates will have landed in between, aloowing me to work even more easily with it.

I really recomend that you test it … and adopt it !

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3 Responses to “Mageia 1 is now out”

  1. bert barten Says:

    Hello Bruno,
    I also mageia rc and now the updated version for over a week. My experiences are very positive. I only wonder how I can get the multimedia working properly. Have you a solution? Thank you for your efforts. With friendly greetings from Holland.
    Bert Barten

    • brunocornec Says:

      I’m not sure I undestand what you mean by multimedia.
      It worked out of the box on the updated machine (Add the Tainted repo if you want support for non distributable codecs and versions of vlc/xine…)

      On the freshly installed system, I had to remove PulseAudio to have flash in 64 bit working again. But I’m not sure that was the root cause of the problem. KDE was indicating that the HW changed (Hummm ?) and afterwards sound wasn’t working anymore. I also added the user to the audio group in case it was useful. But as I had other conf issues (NFS ids not transmitted correctly), again it may be unrelated.

      My daughter is happy with it (LibreOffice is now there !) and didn’t report any other issue. I’ll test it for one week traveling in Ireland and the US, so will know more after that period.

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