Meego IVI: a GENIVI compliant solution

Linux usage has long been strong in the embedded market. And Meego, initially targeting mobile devices and being seen as an Android competitor, has been added new features to make it more IVI oriented. The GENIVI compliance has just been achieved by Meego IVI recently.

Of course I’d have prefered that they use instead of OBS, but that at least shows that these continuous packaging concepts are valid and taken in account by more and more communities.

I think that all these movements to create more standardized environment for dedicated vertical computing usage brings lots of good news: good news for the Open Source community as it improves the its feature set, improve the underlying platform by a larger usage, good news for the car industry as it provides to them a robust, low cost platform they can fully master (with all its features as I described earlier) and build on top, good news for consumers as they may end up having more homogeneous interfaces, and more over open ones given them the possibility to get more info on their own vehicle, or add new features themselves to what their IVI platform gives to them.

The Open World Forum event in September in its industrial track should detail this topic.

With all the recent announcements around WebOS, maybe that could be a new area of development now for this other Linux based platform.

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2 Responses to “Meego IVI: a GENIVI compliant solution”

  1. brunocornec Says:

    Well, it even seems to be what some HP execs also have in mind as repoted here:

  2. Some thoughts on webOS and HP « Bruno Cornec’s Blog Says:

    […] Bruno Cornec’s Blog All rights reversed « Meego IVI: a GENIVI compliant solution […]

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