A new beta for MondoRescue 3.0

As we had a 3 days week-end in France, I used part of my time to visit the beautiful Monet exhibition at the Martigny Gianadda foundation and to build 4 new VMs in order to support Fedora 16 and Ubuntu 11.10, and publish a version of the latest beta for MondoRescue 3.0 for all the distributions (more than 100 today) including these new ones. I also made packages for afio and buffer where needed, as well as project-builder.org.

That version is especially useful for Ubuntu users (report have been given that it’s now working correctly on latest Ubuntu) as well as for the others who where blocked by some annoyances of (NFS mount issues typically). The only fix that is still not in it and that I’d like to solve before the release is linked to tapes and OBDR. As it will still take some time, I may in parallel fix some other non-critical issues. Now, in case the bug #358 takes too much time to be solved, I’ll publish 3.0.0 without it, and the fix will be in 3.0.1 which should then be out soon after.

Feel free to give your thoughts about this on the devel mailing list and more important to test that new beta.

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