The wow effect

Sometimes, you read a news, and just found out that this is so great the only word that comes to your mouth is wow !

I must confess that since the last ten years I have not been that impressed by HP CEO decisions in the past. And especially recently. At that time I was thinking about WebOS: “Of course, in order to compete with Android, it would need to be Open Source IMO” and of HP: “HP needs to respect its willingness to really invest in R&D more as promised.” And I even concluded: “Even if I think that founders are leading their company with a unique perspective, there is no reason that another board and leaders can align and do the same. Maybe after re-reading the HP Way.

To be honest, even if I’m trying to reach a “Strategist” level inside HP, I’d never have thought to be so spotty !!

And then came the wow effect: HP to Contribute webOS to Open Source.

And the bonus effect: “Meg: There will be milestones along the way, but one thing I know about technology is that if you believe in something, you have to have a longer term horizon than next week, next quarter, or next year.

A CEO of a fortune 500 company is just saying that we need to think not only on a quarterly base, but *also* in term of years in technology. That’s a tremendous change, especially with regards to the Hurd period. Which makes me feel much more confident in HP’s ability to come back much stronger in the play after this cahotic year. That’s a fantastic evolution IMHO, for both HP employees and customers ! As this way of thinking will also serve other approaches in other BUs.

“Meg: Well first I want to set expectations about time frame. This is going to take some time. If you look back at the history of Mozilla or Red Hat — these things did not become giant platforms over night. This in my view is a 4 or 5 year timeframe, and I want to make sure we really communicate that.

We now are taking point of comparison with Mozilla or Red Hat. Wow again !! This also seems to reinforce the recent talk she made at HP Discover in EMEA, insisting on our roots as a hardware manufacturer. And I was already thinking that of course, using Open Source much more with our power of great hardware manufacturer, and one of the best service company could just place us as being really successful in the coming years.

So I’m really forced to change my mind on the conspiration theory, and deliver on what I said then: “open sourcing a technology helps driving the business in favour of the open sourcer, and doesn’t reduce it. Especially when the most costly part (the investment in R&D) has already been done.

So I promise that I’ll do all my best to help HP make this new Open Sourced WebOS successful as much as I can. And as a start, as I was so successful in my guess, I’m launching a new idea in the basket: HP should now contact the Tizen community (which has still not published its architecture diagram), as a member of the Linux Foundation, and propose them to join forces around webOS which exists, in order to add to it what Tizen wanted to get in such platform instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Let’s all work together for once, to have the biggest community behind a brilliant platform, which is now open source, and be here with a Linux based approach, as well as on the server side, the best offering for customers for tablets, phones, TVs, IVIs, …

As an example, I’d love to see some KDE apps available on top of WebOS, my favourite being tellico.

And in order to feast that, I’ve just accepted an enhancement request for to add as quickly as possible now !! My little stone to improve the ecosystem.

Never sure what the future will be, but this past decision is already a new reference point in IT history. Thanks Meg, Marc and all the others who helped obtaining that ! I can now be proud again of working at HP 🙂

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2 Responses to “The wow effect”

  1. dagwieers Says:

    I agree.

    If the Tizen community would adopt WebOS, WebOS would instantly get more exposure and the necessary resources for improvement and integration in an open fashion. It would force the project to immediately think of all the stakeholders and allow them to collaborate in the best conditions possible.

    And ideally the ability to run Android apps could help WebOS as well.

    The market needs more competition, we cannot trust all eggs in one (large) basket 🙂

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