Upgrading D7000 firmware from Linux

The nice thing when you register your camera on the Nikon Web site, you received mail when a Firmware update is available. That’s how I learnt that version 1.03 was available.

Of course, there is the easy way to perform the upgrade: you take out the camera’s card, put the firmware on it at the root, and voila.

But I tried to do that from my Linux system, with the camera directly connected to the box in USB. As it only works in PTP mode, it could a bit more chalenging 😉

First, get the firmware from the download page and look at the instructions.

Once you have the right file downloaded, extract the firmware from it:

$ unrar x F-D7000-V103W.exe
Creating D7000Update OK
Extracting D7000Update/D7000_0103.bin OK
All OK

Then check that your camera is seen correctly:
$ gphoto2 --auto-detect
Modèle Port
USB PTP Class Camera usb:008,005

$ gphoto2 -u D7000Update/D7000_0103.bin --folder /store_00010001/
*** Erreur ***
PTP Accès refusé
*** Erreur (-1 : « Erreur indéfinie ») ***

So I activated debug mode, and it turned out that you can’t really write with PTP mode that way on the card 😦
Same thing if you use Dolphin and try to copy paste the file, the target is blocked !

So back to begining, I turned off the camera and removed the card from it.
Then using USB disk emulation, it was easy to copy the firmware at the root of my key placed in a card adaptor on the USB port of my system.
$ cp D7000Update/D7000_0103.bin /media/D7000

Then I put back the card in the camera and turned it on again. I went into the FW menu,just to realize that I didn’t had any way to upgrate, contrary to what was written in the doc. Going back and forth I finally had the idea to unconnect the camera from USB, and then the menu option appeared !
However, the battery wasn’t full anymore so had to charge it again 🙂

A couple of minutes later, the camera was upgrading, and I now have a fully patched one !

Mr Nikon: is it that difficult to provide direct USB disk support in your cameras ? That would be the most direct way for us, Linux users, to deal with your wonderful toy ! Maybe for the next firmware update !!!

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2 Responses to “Upgrading D7000 firmware from Linux”

  1. Nicolas D Says:

    You see this with your camera, unfortunately, the PTP/MTP is also what is being used on Android tablets, and Android phones without memory card slots. In those case, there is no way to get the storage out the device 😦

    One more way to loose a simple way to access to the storage.

  2. brunocornec Says:

    Got a message from Nikon again. A new Firmware is available for all of you D7000 fans: https://nikoneurope-fr.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/56047

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