MondoRescue 3.0.0 is now officially out

To be honest the first packages appeared before Christmas as I was hoping to have everything ready as a gift ! But I met a certain number of issues trying to build all packages for the 99 different distributions I’m trying to build for ! This is due to my upgrade to Mageia 1 where the QEMU/KVM version proposed work differently from the previous Mandriva 2010.2 I was using.

Some i386 VMs are now freezing, so I had to find new correct parameters for them. Then autoconf wasn’t generating a correct content for all Mandrake/Mandriva build for mondo, so I had to call for these distro now %configure2_5 as a macro, instead of %configure.

And I still have some issues remaining, with busybox on SLES 9, Mandriva 2009.1, and RHEL 3, with some old SuSE (10.1-11.0) and old Asianux 2, RH 7.3/9, RHAS 2.1 … So gained at this occasion a new feature which consists in enumerating on the remote repo which packages have been built correctly or not. And chain the result to a sbx2vm option through the new –rebuild option, which will trigger the rebuild of all not correctly built packages. Very handy ! And will be used to finish publishing what is missing and still useful.

But I already delayed too much the delivery of that important evolution in the project life, so it was time to officially introduce MondoRescue 3.0.0 to the world !

And finally looking at all the modifications since latest stable, MondoRescue really deserve it’s 3.0.0 label ! I won’t be able to cope with the Linux kernel, now at 3.2, but hopefully you’ll find that new version usefull. It fixes a lot of issues brought recently on the mailing list. Remains to work on the Xen kernel support more precisely, but most of what I wanted to fix is in it, including OBDR fixes, RHEL 6.2 fixes, SSSTK ProLiant support improved, loop mount issues, bootable USB keys, mdadm support for metadata, a grub install fix among many others.

You’ll need to use mondo 3.0.0 with mindi 2.1.0 and mindi-busybox 1.18.5 to have a working environemnt as underlined on our Wiki.

And even if it’s a 3.0.0 number, I consider it stable and in the line of latest 2.2.9.x versions. I’d like to avoid copying my Red Hat friends with their .0 versions 😉

Happy New Year and Disaster Recovery with MondoRescue !


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