A MondoRescue annoyance

When I released the version 3.0.0, some people started to report issues at restore time, that I didn’t saw during my tests. These problems were mentioned as related to LVM restoration, or partition table restoration.

After looking at the logs they send (kind reminder, that’s a mandatory info if you want to get any form of support !), I saw that in their case, the resizing factor was incorrect, even sometimes 0, leading to empty partitions.

This should have been fixed with revision 2932, and I have released a beta of 3.0.1 that people encountering this problem should use. Let me know if you want to test the fix for a distribution not yet published.

I’ve also repackaged mindi-busybox (with tag 2) for all the deb distributions I manage, in order to solve a dependency issue when upgrading, which was not seen on RPM based systems (for once I have an advantage ;-))

I’d like to have more rapid cycles for this 3.0 branch to reach a very stable point asap, allowing me to work on other branches. Feel free to give feedback so that I could publish 3.0.1 quickly.

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