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MondoRescue 3.0.1 announced


As commented previously, MondoRescue 3.0.1 has been officially announced today.

I’ve also pushed that version which I hope should be a good stable one to Mageia and Mandriva as well.
Iv’e also added support for openSuSE 12.1 to rpmbootstrap so now VE works fine with it.

Time to go back to for its own next version !

MondoRescue: welcome to a new bug fix mainly version


The MondoRescue project has made quite some progresses again recently. So it”s time to publish mondo 3.0.1 and mindi 2.1.1. Those are bug fix versions mainly. Especially there is a fix for bad LVM i-want-my-lvm setup file, where sometimes duplicated lines were generated which was annoying, as well as an error again in some cases to compute the multiplier factor used when disk size changed.

Among the major improvements, we are now supporting kernel 3.2 new usb_common module, btrfs, grub2 and the launch of rpcbind at restore time to improve NFS restore support for at least RHEL 6.2 (on which I made my tests) and hopefully Debian 6 as well (feedback welcome !). All details are available in trac.

I have had multiple reports that this version was indeed better than 3.0.0 with regards to the issues mentionned upper, so I think it’s time to make it official now, so a larger audience can test it. This is the version I’ll push to Mageia tomorrow, once the build is done, and to Mandriva when time permits. What I find nice, is that latest releases receive more feedback, and also more pathces from contributors and users. A good sign !

The next task on my TODO list is to publish a newer version of as well, that is still helping me dramatically in building the 100+ tuples as well as indices for urpmi/yum/apt/… in the public repository.