improved to better support migration from Kmail to Thunderbird

It’s just incredible how the Open Source world works. You could never believe it before being yourself part of it.

It started with a simple poor small script I wrote for myself to support the migration of my kids to Thunderbird from KMail. And I blogged about it, as I thought it could be interesting as I didn’t found myself a working tool to do it.

It turned out it was the most read article of this blog ! Grumph ! I thought people could be interested by MondoRecue or Continuous Packaging, my bad 😉

Of course, when I have something to do, I prefer to write a script. Because old guy like me know perfectly you’ll have to do the stuff twice, and thus a script is useful !! And it was prooved again when I migrated my last kid with it again. And the script was improved at the same time. But I knew there were still some flaws, as one colleague found it as well, and had an issue with it (some mails not seen correctly even if imported in subfolders) !

So last month I received feedback from another user, who took that script and improved it greatly, fixing btw the above mentioned problem. And so that small script has now as many contributors as Mondorescue and twice as many as
Edward Baudrez did a great job to improve the script, adding lots of CLI options capabilities to make it more versatile, fixing mail import in subfolders, error message handling, adding POD doc, …

I still have one or two improvements I’ll discuss with him to try making it even better, but that’s already quite an interesting piece of code !

So as it’s now even more useful than before, those interested by that migration should download and test it in their environment, and continue to send patches 😉 and make me more mazaed by the power of our community, for large as well as small stuff !

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5 Responses to “ improved to better support migration from Kmail to Thunderbird”

  1. Dave Stevens Says:

    ing ubuntu 10.04 every time I dl this I get a web page.


  2. brunocornec Says:

    If you go at the bottom of the page, you will be able to download the script in text format & raw format.

  3. mkkot Says:

    OMG, I lost 11 hours on Import Export Tool while your script converted over 2000 messages in about 2 minutes. Sad it was the last folder I had :> I used ramdisk which is /tmp in my system.

    ./ -oldroot /tmp/Mail/ -profile /tmp/thunder -subdir Sent


  4. mkkot Says:

    After 2 years in KDE 4.10.1 someone finally today fixed the issue with filtering messages ( And Laurent Montel has finally started working on maintaining kmail which can be seen on the bugtracker. I’m already on thunderbird, probably leaving kde soon :/

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