UUWL aka the Unix to Unix Wrapper LIbrary is now available

I recently receive the approval from the HP OpenSource Review Board so that we can publish a new HP and Intel sponsored Open Source project called the UUWL aka the Unix to Unix Wrapper Library, now available at UUWL.project-builder.org.

The published code is a first version providing help to migrate C code from Solaris to Linux. That’s a first step in this project. The target is to augment that with more code porting helper functions, which have not yet being developed, and also to target next other Unices such as AIX. As well we think this library may well become a must have for Linux distributions, so they may integrate it as they do with the GNU LibC, so that Linux could become the most porting friendly platform.

For the moment, only the source code and build process is available. I’ve started to work on the packaging with project-builder.org, and soon multiple packages will be available for various Linux distributions in order to ease installation and usage. We also need to release more documentation, use autoconf/automake, … It’s just a start. But as such we thought it would be worth sharing and try to build a new community interested by this topic.

We are interested by getting first feedback around this project. And if you have porting experience, you’re also welcome to join and share it with us so we could improve the UUWL and make it more useful for everybody. It’s released under a dual license, both OSI approved, the LGPLv2 and the MIT license, so it could be used in multiple context.

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8 Responses to “UUWL aka the Unix to Unix Wrapper LIbrary is now available”

  1. Perry Hutchison Says:


  2. Sherin Chandy Says:

    But this initiative seems to kill UNIX which is not good as UNIX is always superior to LInux, Linux is a kiddish OS

    • brunocornec Says:

      I’d question since when you’ve not tried a Linux distribution ?

      Is the NYSE a kid customer for you ? They use Linux for their most sensitive activities, as well as thousands of very serious customers I’m involved with while working for HP, as I’m sure many others are. For me the future of Unix is just called Linux. And that has been true IMHO since I started using it 19 years ago now 🙂

      Anyway, this doesn’t kill anything, if you read correctly the announce. It aims at providing a way to improve interoperability between various *ix systems. Especially useful for customer who precisely want to continue to use a Unix while at the same time having their code running more easily on Linux as well.

      And if you really want to do something useful to protect Unix systems, then provide patches to bring portability from Linux to the Unix of your choice ! Would be much better than rambing here 🙂

  3. Rajesh K Chaurasia Says:

    How does UUWL compare with HP SLPK (Solaris to Linux Porting Kit)?

    When should one use UUWL vs SLPK?

    • brunocornec Says:

      The feature set of the SLPK is reacher than the UUWL as of now. In particular it provides a code scanner which helps detect code porting issues, and is a very good tool to use jointly with the UUWL. I think it supports more system calls than the UUWL as of now, but hopefully that will change. They really conflict on that part, but with a major difference which is the license, so the UUWL allows users to integrate the resulting code in their application, be it Free/Libre or Commercial without issue, which the license of the SLPK doesn’t allow (was a main blocking point leading to this development and seen with some customers’ requests). It also provides build chain adaptation that is not in the scope of the UUWL.

      The UUWL doesn’t limit itself to Solaris to Linux however, and should soon provide support for other source Unices. Another difference.
      And the UUWL is a free project so if something you need is missing, feel free to contribute !

      As mentioned on the web site of the project, there are multiple other interesting tools to consider to help make migration easier, including excellent documentation developped by HP to help customers in that aproach.

      • Rajesh K Chaurasia Says:

        Thanks Bruno for the details. Very much appreciated. I agree with you on licensing part. There are genuine cases when customers want to include parts of porting kit (wrapper libraries) in their code.

  4. Stuti Says:

    Hi Bruno,

    I wanted to know if there is a document outlining the current capability of UUWL and implementation steps. The idea is great look forward to updates on UUWL.

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