0.12.1 is now available

As promised (or threatened (c) Bryan !) I have now published a new main version of, the 0.12.1 !

Since my previous post, I worked a lot on it to make it available in fact, and it took finally just a bit more than a year ! But it was hopefully worth the wait šŸ˜‰

In order to ease the publication, I started to write a script to make tests in an automatic fashion. It helped me to find lots of small or less small remain issues before the release, so I’m more confident than before that this version is a good one indeed ! This was especially needed due to the fact I received this time other contributions.

Indeed, I received great contributions from Eric Anderson but I had to revert some of them, as the project wasn’t completely ready to deal with it. the major one being to error out immediately. That broke in fact a certain number of use case, where errors should be tolerated, and even after trying to catch them, I was unsuccessful in some case, so made a new parameter in the configuration file for that. So you can benefit from Eric’s work by activating pbstoponerr (and also pbshowsudo if you want to see what pb does behind the scene with sudo commands) in the /etc/pb/pb.conf configuration file. default is to have both of them off for now. It may change in the future, when the code handles more efficiently all error cases.

Also what I missed to detail last time is the new version number. This version is not compatible with the previous one, so you’ll have to update your VEs/VMs/RMs in order to benefit from it. Especially for test versions, now we use the full version name for producing the tar files, and the old version won’t build packages in the build environment when called from a 0.12.x external pb.

In order to do that, just use pb -p myproject setupvm (or setupve, setuprm) to update all your VMs in a row.

Project is still available at and you’ll find there all the versions made for all the distributions tuples supported (120+ as of today). Use trac to report problems or enhancement requests for next version, that I promised will not be next year but earlier !!

Enjoy and feel free to join our mailing-list to discuss more about it.

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