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Meeting at Solutions Linux 2012


Well, I arrived this evening in Paris, and I’m ready to participate to a new Solutions Linux this year. Still remember the first time I came to Linux Expo (as it was named at that period) back in 1999, as an exhibitor for Medasys, manging the HP booth.

My main duties are on Thursday where I’ll lead 2 round tables and as time permits the relative sessions: COMMUNAUTES DU LIBRE : ORGANISATION ET DEFIS and ADMINISTRATION SYSTEMES / CLUSTERS – GESTION D’ECOSYSTEME MATERIEL ET LOGICIELS LIBRES.

The rest of the time, I’ll attend sessions to discover new tools, visit the various booth to meet with new communitites, and of course shake hands of the many people I know there and with who I’ll discussed a lot 😉

Hope to see you there even if I do not deliver any session myself this year.

MondoRescue 3.0.2 is now available


I had to make this release in order to use it today (well yesterday now already !) on a customer site. That version was needed to support correctly software Raid on RHEL 6, with re-creation of metadata and UUIDs, which took a bit of time to make correctly. This version will also be welcome by Debian and Ubuntu users, as it fixes restoration issues, as well as on RHEL 5 (tune2fs command wasn’t working for ext4, and it required to use tune4fs, only available here !). It supports now out of tree kernel modules (such as hpsa from the PSP/SPP) and improve support for latest HP ProLiant Blades.

It fixes lots of small annoyances here and there (like #616), especially thanks to a test script that I have now developed to automate regression tests. This version was tested with it for rhel-6-x86_64, rhel-5-x86_64, debian-6.0-x86_64, ubuntu-11.04-i386, fully for the first time. I plan to extend it so that in the future I can cover more cases. And fixes also came from external contributors, which is very nice to see 🙂

So, now time to rest a bit ! After and this version of MondoRecue, I can take a bit of time to think to the next steps, and more over, work on some other projects such as the UUWL and some I’ll announce later.