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Mindi 2.1.3 is now available


Ok, so before 1 week in my other life (amateur early music musician), I want to publish this new update of mindi only. It fixes 4 minor bugs that have been reported, mostly with fixes, and that should make MondoResuce more robust again. To be used with mondo 3.0.2.

This version brings:

  • Fix #621 by avoiding to handle iso9660 and bind FS type from fstab.
  • Fix a bug in mindi where regular expressions were used with grep without the -E option
  • Fix #614 SLES kbd issue
  • Improves Mageia 2 support which needs .ko.xz modules detection

All packages have been made and are available at
So happy disaster recovery !

Last 2 weeks too hot…


Had lots to do during the last weeks. New MondoRescue Version, new version, Solutions Linux event in Paris, new HP internal projects, and on the private side rehearsal + concert and vocal ensemble conducting, finding a room for my daughter next year in Paris for her studies was a bit too much, with not enough sleep.

Was completely tired last thursday, with 39°+, and slept most of Friday as a consequence. Saturday, I still had not completeley recover, Not a real serious burn out, but made me think I was probably in need of rebalancing a bit stuff to avoid a serious one. And it took me nearly a week to recover, even if I dstill don’t feel exactly as before.

So I’ve just restarted this week to work on some mindi patches, and even if I planned to release a new version of mindi during the week-end it will now be during this !

I’ll be on vacation next week, for my yearly renaissance music week near Paris. So if you want to meet, for once, it will be at one of the concert we will perform the 13th, 14th or 15th of July as explained in the link ! Hopefully that change of activity will let me rest a bit a come back stronger 🙂