FLOSS governance news

While at LinuxCon in San Diego, the SPDX working group of the Linux Foundation announced its 1.1 version of its specification. Quite an achievement, and probably the start of its real adoption by Open Source projects … providing enough tool do support it, and help projects in their identification tasks. I hope lots of large FLOSS consumers (HP included) will start contributing SPDX descriptions to upstream projects, helping them adopting it as it brings value on both side.

And one way to help will probably the support of this 1.1 SPDX spec by FOSSology in the future. For now the news around the tool is that a public instance is available, hosted by the Universty of Nebraska. This is a good news for Open Source projects that will be able to assess easily their licenses with it, without having the hassle to install and maintain their own ! Hopfully, more forges (as what OW2 has done) will also provide that service to the projects they’re incubating.

Just be aware that the code you’ll upload to that instance will be available for everybody to see, so do not post non-FLOSS code there, if you want it to remain secret ! If you’re developing closed source software, then install you’re own FOSSology instance instead !

Time to finish my FOSSology presentation update for tomorrow’s talk !

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