Availability of the beta of MondoRescue 3.0.3 (and mindi 2.1.4)

We have had a long work on this version to fix some issues reported by a customer on SLES 11 SP2 particularly, which will benefit all MondoRescue users. The support of that last version of SLES is now fully working, and it allowed us to fix issues around LVM, /dev/dm-* devices and grub boot loader re-installation. A lot of other bugs have been fixed during this version (some 23), and I really encourage you to test it and report your findings on our mailing-list.

Before the final publication, I’d like to fix the issues encountered by Fedora 17 users, but I’ve not neen able to reproduce it correctly on my side up to now, and I stil l have to work on the latest log files reported to me in order to understand what is creating the issue some users are seeing.

But if no blocking point is found before end of week, and if my tests are successful, I think we’ll have a good 3.0.3/2.1.4 couple that I’d like to push as stable. Fedora fixes could then be done in a later mindi version (as this is what is mainly creating a problem now).

Thanks for your patches, support and now tests !

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