busybox fix while preparing MondoRescue for its 3.0.3 version

While preparing the new version of MondoRescue (test packages on their way for final remarks before having next stable version), I was trying to make a missing version of mindi-busybox for a colleague still using RHEL 3. I quickly realized that my promise to make it (hoping to just type pb -p mondorescue -m rhel-3-i386,rhel-3-x86_64 -r tags/3.0.2 cms2vm) was not so easy to perform 😦

It happens that the version we use (1.18.5) doesn’t compile out of the box for such an old beast as a RHEL 3 with it’s 2.4 kernel. So I had to make some adaptations to the code, in order to have it compile for RHEL3, but still working for newest versions. At least, I have something which seems to be working for RHEL 3, RHEL 6 and Fedora 18, so now I’m building for all my supported distros which now are 120+ and will probably take up to mid day tomorrow.

For those of you interested, had issues with the main Makefile, statfs.h (HAVE_SYS_STATFS_H shouldn’t be set in RHEL 3 case) and a missing BLKGETSIZE64 macro, and the corresponding patch is at: http://trac.mondorescue.org/changeset/3085

With that I’m also trying to fix 2 remaining bugs (http://trac.mondorescue.org/ticket/627 and
http://trac.mondorescue.org/ticket/651) which should have no other impact. The first one is still not fully tested as corrected.

My goal is to publish the next stable version 3.0.3 of MondoRescue this week-end, for my birthday 😉


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