Free Standards are what make IT progressing

Maybe I’m wrong. I generally don’t relay that much the movements (justified !) that are happening on Internet around Open Source and Open Data. I’m much more in a mood to promote stuff rather than to rant against what is not working (with exceptions as everybody :-))

Now having recently been elected at the board of the AFUL association for the defence of Open Source and Linux, I also need to become more vocal with regards to these subjects, and some areas are really frightening so need more voices to support them.

If you look back in our short IT history, you can see that each time standards have been promoted (for small fees such as the PC, Unix, or for free such as the Internet, the W3C) it has allowed our industry to flourish and develop itself in an incomparable way. And of course, FLOSS has been a clear accelerator of the Internet development.

DRM are by nature incompatible with an Open Internet, and Open Source. HTML5 shows great promises, especially its new agentless video conferencing system. So we should keep what is good in it, and stop bloating it with useless and jail-full features.

Lots of entities have now publish a letter in order to promote a DRM free Web. Forward and promote these information to your own networks. You can sign the petition available at if you agree with that vision.

For french speaking people, also read the latest article.

If you think that Internet can’t develop itself without open access to content, please act and sign this.


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