Once more presenting at LinuxCon US

I’ll be lucky again to be able to present during the upcoming LinuxCon in New Orleans ! I really need to thank the HP Open Source Program Office which is funding my travel there !

This year, I’ll make a new talk with a new subject around my distribution of choice: “What is so special about Mageia ?

Now ranked #2 on DistroWatch, this fully community driven FLOSS distribution is still largely unknown and its merits underestimated. However, it provides unique features for both server or desktop users, based on a rich management, packaging and contribution set of tools, a friendly community eager to deliver the best Linux distribution. While young and born in 2010, Mageia is a full featured distribution inheriting from its Mandrake roots back in the 90’s, but now fully managed by its community such as Debian, or Fedora. However, few people know what makes Mageia so appealing. This presentation will cover in detail deployment with auto_inst, security with msec, SELinux and Tomoyo, package management with urpmi and friends, and the numerous other tools (providing a real choice), or integration tasks or governance model that make it a unique distribution you should test next.

Everybody interested by choosing a linux distribution, seeing what others are doing compared to the one they use is welcome to attend in order to understand the specificities brought by Mageia.

Experience Level:

Benefits to Linux:
Distributions are key for the Linux ecosystem. And Mageia, even if young is based on a strong history that makes it robust, adapted to both newbies and experimented linux sysadmin. Its features and the specific tools develpoed around it make an interesting approach that is worth sharing, and hopefully other distribution memebers will take some of thiese tools to also propose them to their user base. For new comers, this also a really well suited distribution, that hopefully will attract more users, more packagers as well, to reinforce the comunity, and globally the Linux community.

So, first if you are a Mageia fan, feel free to send me content, idea, slides, anything you’d like me to present during this session. And if you want to talk, then attend the session and come and see me at the end 😉

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