MondoRescue 3.0.4: Probably not perfect but definitely useful

Not perfect as I’d have liked to fix some more bugs before releasing, but as usual, it’s a tradeoff between delivering a version which already fixed some annoying issues users reported, and waiting more to hopefully fix more of them.

But the good aspect of being a dictator on a project, is that it’s up to you to decide !!

So here it is, version 3.0.4 is born, and on top of what was previously fixed, here are the latest news:

  • Packages are now provided for Fedora 19
  • Fix multipath support on distributions where the libraries are dynamically loaded (thanks to a patch from Dimitri Bellini)
  • Fix #656 by adding support for distributions with no /lib anymore (Fedora 17+, Mageia 3+, …) which was creating issues since quite a long time, despite some (slow !) work arounds
  • Add support for static routes by fixing #697
  • Rework the boot sceens at restore time to give access to the boot parameters docs through the keys F2-F4 which should help newcomers to understand what is possible, and also making restoration from external devices more easy thanks to suggestions of messages from SamK in #628/li>
  • Fix #640 and scratch/temp dir reletion issues for both interactive/batch modes
  • Tape block size can now be specified in the GUI as per #690
  • Files with strange chars in their names such as single quote, double quote, should’nt create a problem anymore, neither in the analysis nor with extended attributes as #673 is now fixed

Of course, please check that your issue is indeed fixed and that this version works better for you. Even if I don’t like that, as with every version, new issues may appear despite tests made on various distributions (the 2 enterprise ones RHEL and SLES being more stressed than others). Please report them so we could approach perfection with 3.0.5. Well one can always dream no 😉

I plan on integrating more content from 3.1 in 3.0.5 as a next step, in order to manage in a better way memory. And I also have plans to work on #628 to close it completely, as well as #627 which are the 2 most annoying issues that have been reported. Now if you want to give more weight to other bur reports, feel free to add comments to this post !


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