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Attending OWF and LinuxCon EMEA in October


I just know it since yesterday, but I’ll be attending Open World Forum 2013 in order to have multiple customer and press related meetings next week near Paris. If you want to talk about Open Source at HP, Linux related topics such as continuous packaging or disaster recovery, you should find me on the HP booth. Won’t speak this time but will also surely be around the governance track.

I’ll also attend LinuxCon EMEA 2013 in Edinburgh later this month. This time I’ll speak about an ITIL Open Source solution stack I’m involved in for a customer, and will explain how you can today, by combining the appropriate tools such as iTop, Centreon/Shinken and OCS/Fusion Inventory set up the bases of an ITIL compliant Open Source management environment, full featured and highly customizable.

Again feel free to come and talk about anything I’m able to reasonably talk (including early music if you want ;-))

Concert “Cantique à Notre-Dame” par le Quatuor Abélard

Affiche du concert

Affiche du concert

Un programme rare d’oeuvres du 15è au 18è siècle, du bouleversant “O Magnum mysterium” de T. L. da Victoria si mystique au Magnificat de D. Scarlatti aux délicates intonations baroques.

Un programme centré sur l’importance du texte mis en musique, et rehaussé par des poèmes sacrés du Cardinal Jacques du Perron.
Les poèmes seront déclamés par Jean Belliard qui dirige le quatuor Abélard dans ce programme. Ce grand professionnel de la musique a toujours mis un point d’honneur à travailler au plus haut niveau possible tant avec des professionnels qu’avec des amateurs comme ceux réunis ici. J’ai eu l’honneur de travailler avec lui plus de 25 ans et je ne peux que vous inciter à aller à sa rencontre, il parle de la musique comme nul autre.

Leurs concerts ont été appréciés pour leurs grandes qualités musicales et l’entente parfaite de leurs membres. Ce sera leur seul concert sur la région et en plus, ma fille y chante comme “insolente” soprano 😉


Rendez-vous à l’Eglise de Bernin – Samedi 5 Octobre 2013 à 20h30.

Et l’entrée est libre !! Vous n’avez plus aucune raison de ne pas venir
écouter ces oeuvres qui vous émouvront au travers des âges.

En espérant vous y rencontrer…

Happy birthday Mageia !!


The 18th of September 2010, Mageia as announced as a new project. So today is a special day, as its the 3rd birthday of my distribution of choice.

More over, it was for me a special day as I was presenting this distribution during LinuxCon US.

Completely unrelated, some of you may know that I’m directing a vocal ensemble.

So combining all 3 elements today, I was happy to have a choir of some 15 people attending my talk sing “Happy birthday Mageia” ! (It was private so no rights issue ;-)) A great personal pleasure !!

And no, there is no recording available but that was done with a community state of mind:-) What you can get are the slides which won’t of course contain that unique moment of art but should motivate you to at least try Mageia.

No next rehearsal planned for our /tmp/choir today but I hope the audience enjoyed it as much as I did.

Interesting end of week


Quite some activities for this end of week and the next one:

  1. I’m publishing on Friday mindi 2.1.7 in order to fix kernel detection issues for the most recent ones (> 3.9).
  2. I’m going by train on Saturday to Paris to attend a concert made by my daughter Ségolène singing early music with Jean Belliard in Etampes (Eglise St Gilles).
  3. I’ll sing myself on Sunday for the last concert of our yearly Académie in St Sulpice de Favière (come and talk about music !!)
  4. I’ll go back to Roissy to tke the plane on Monday morning to arrive in New Orleans for LinuxCon US 2013
  5. I’ll attend LinuxCon on Monday and Tuesday, and deliver a talk on Mageia on Wednesday, then attend the UEFI plug fest till Friday (come and talk about FLOSS !!)
  6. I’ll fly back on Saturday, arrive on Sunday in Paris pass some hours with my daughter again, and then back home in Grenoble to start working again the day after.

The real question now, is that it’s time to sleep, and I need to make the Mageia presentation for next week. Anne Nicolas Velu helped me a lot with material and pointers, now I need to make the 20+ slides I’d like to have to cover the topic in a nice and entertaining way for the audience. Luckily there is a long flight 😉

No time to get bored as you can see.