Happy birthday Mageia !!

The 18th of September 2010, Mageia as announced as a new project. So today is a special day, as its the 3rd birthday of my distribution of choice.

More over, it was for me a special day as I was presenting this distribution during LinuxCon US.

Completely unrelated, some of you may know that I’m directing a vocal ensemble.

So combining all 3 elements today, I was happy to have a choir of some 15 people attending my talk sing “Happy birthday Mageia” ! (It was private so no rights issue ;-)) A great personal pleasure !!

And no, there is no recording available but that was done with a community state of mind:-) What you can get are the slides which won’t of course contain that unique moment of art but should motivate you to at least try Mageia.

No next rehearsal planned for our /tmp/choir today but I hope the audience enjoyed it as much as I did.

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4 Responses to “Happy birthday Mageia !!”

  1. LinuxCon North America 2013: an air of Jazz | Bruno Cornec's Blog Says:

    […] of course, it was my pleasure to have a 15 people choir to sing “Happy Birthday Mageia” during my session this […]

  2. Contribuitor și evanghelist: Bruno Cornec | Mageia Blog (Română) Says:

    […] Iar pe deasupra, a fost o ocazie unică de a-i pune să cînte la mulți ani, deoarece era a treia aniversare de la lansarea distribuției Mageia […]

  3. Contributeur et prosélyte : Bruno Cornec | Mageia Blog (Français) Says:

    […] Dans la salle que j’avais, personne de connaissait la distribution, alors il y avait la possibilité d’attirer 15 personnes de plus. Mais en plus, c’était une opportunité unique de leur faire tous chanter Joyeux Anniversaire, comme c’était le troisième anniversaire du lancement de Mageia. […]

  4. Mageia 4 on time for Fosdem but … | Bruno Cornec's Blog Says:

    […] while there are good reasons for Mageia to be my distribution of choice, I won’t update my laptop this week, as I’m presenting during this HP event, and want […]

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