Interesting professional evolution…

I’ve been pretty busy in May and traveling a lot. But I guess it won’t improve in the future with the recent news I got.

First I received a mail last week to invite me to a round table on Cloud and Virtualization during LinuxCon Japan in Tokyo next week. Which makes me a keynote speaker for the first time in such a Tier One Event WW. Not only was I surprised, (I even asked whether there wasn’t an error), but after confirmation, I was extremely proud to be seen as able to talk in front of the large community in Japan. Hopefully I will provide wise feedback, even if now I’m a bit more stressed than before !

Unrelated, even if…. On the HP side, since 2007, I’ve been preparing my application to become what the industry calls “Distinguished Technologist” (DT) and that HP for my role calls a Technology Strategist (being part of the Presales organization). It took me 6 years to build that application, work on various multiple customer activities as well as with numerous communities before I consider myself at the level to submit it. And pass it this week ! But even now, I know that the various models I have such as Bdale Garbee (formely DT at HP – only !) or Linda Knippers (DT as well at HP, and that I’d like to thank particularly for her successful mentoring) are still way ahead of me. More work in front of me !

But that’s an important step for me as this title will help wrt to peer discussions with our partners, or with community members having that grade as well. And it may also help internaly propagating my feedback and promote even better Open Source and linux at HP.

We’ll see what all that brings in the coming weeks. But what I’m sure is that HP will publish its Fellow page before I’m on the list 😉

PS: For my friends in France, the fact I’m speaking next week at LinuxCon Japan also means I won’t be attending Solutions Linux in Paris, as I have for the last 14 years 😦 I’m sad about that, as it’s always great to exchange and meet again, but I’m sure we’ll have other opportunities, for example at Open World Forum later this year.

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3 Responses to “Interesting professional evolution…”

  1. Mélisande Says:

    Again congratulation for you Technology Strategist post, I know you merit this, more over people. I witness your efforts and your investment in your job. Enjoy your Japon travel and I hope you will discover new interesting people and place. I will see you when you back home. Kiss. Your daughter

    • brunocornec Says:

      He ! a mail in english from my daughter !! Great and thanks for your congratulations. I know that this success on my side is due to the support that you and the rest of the family has brought to me, and without which nothing would be possible ! Many hours passed at my desk, or traveling to get that result, and as a consequence, probably not enough time with you. The balance is always hard to find, and I’m sure you’ll experiment this one day yourself ! Of course, as a woman, you’ll be able to do all these multiple stuff in parallel without problem 😉

      The event here begins really tomorrow with a round table in which I’ll talk and of course many sessions I’d like to attend, and discussions with peers which are always very interesting.

      Kisses !

  2. brunocornec Says:

    And BTW, HP has indeed published a page for all fellows at beofre I’m one of them 😉 Gyess it will take years on my side, but worth trying !

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