MondoRescue 3.2.0 stabilisation

It took me time for sure. I started to work on this precise branch in October 2013. At that point, I was already happy to have a compiling version as I’ve made lots of memory management changes. But of course, it was not that simple 😉

Then in march 2014, again, I thought I was ready to publish something ASAP. Argh !! I was wrong again.

But now is time for you to test it. I’ve fixed most of the issues I had remaining at that time (isolinux menus, NFS on Mageia 4, change of network NIC name). But the main one which took me hours to fix is linked to systemd. I’ve concentrated all my tests on Fedora 20 (which is very near from RHEL 7 that is an important target of course). But it’s not before a discussion with a systemd developer during LinuxCon Japan that I understood where the problem was.

At restore time, mindi init script was mounting the /dev filesystem as tmpfs instead of devtmpfs. Once I made the change, systemd-udev was able to be launched and work correctly for me at restore time, so the restore of fedora 20 was starting to work.

Of course, after that, I had other points to fix to name a few:

  • fully support systemd and its multiple compagnon binaries
  • fully support grub2 and its installer
  • avoid some memory management issues in corner cases using a lot valgrind
  • Remove from mindi 2 functions replaced by perl code (ReadAllLink by mr-read-all-link and ProcessLDD by mr-process-ldd)
  • cleanup of old useless file in /tmp suposedly used for mondo/mindi commnuication
  • Adds lvmetad daemon to list and launch it at restore time as new LVM version seems to need it
  • Rename the conf file mondo-restore.cfg into mondorestore.cfg for homogeneity
  • NETFS-SERVER-MOUNT remains the only built file by mondo for net configuration, lots of code cleanup and mindi now uses mr-net-get-config to build the network conf
  • Add support for latest Fedora keymap file (/etc/vconsole.conf) and non us keyboard detection

So that explains the delay you’ve seen in the publication of test versions.
But now, It’s time !!!

I’ve been able to make a full backup / restore / restart of the restored fedora 20 distribution in a full automatic mode without issue anymore ! Yep, I deserve some vacation !!!

So it’s your turn now to test this version and tell me what I’ve missed, and if that doesn’t create regressions for your prefered distro.
Available as usual at

Now this version requires in addition to the afio or buffer packages also the perl modules developed for MondoRescue (at the same place) and for located at

Not all distros have been built correctly yet. Let me know what is missing, I’ll try to update during my week in Barcelona. I’m particularly interested by Fedora users for now, and more generaly other systemd users.

If tests are globally positive, I’ll publish it early July. And I’ll look at porting some of these changes back into 3.0.5 and add one or two features that have been asked for some time by some customers, but we’ll have to prioritize stuff. Again give feedback here.

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7 Responses to “MondoRescue 3.2.0 stabilisation”

  1. mbrinson Says:

    Wow Bruno, you definitely deserve a vacation! Thank you so much for your incredible work on this.

    I’ve tried using Mondo Rescue on ubuntu servers and haven’t been successful in the past, but I keep checking back and try out new versions when you release them.

    It’s awesome to see the progress that you’ve made.

    Thanks again!

  2. Poonam Says:

    I have just tried mondo 3.0.4-1 on ubuntu 12.04. Backed up entire system to harddisk in a .iso file.
    Tried booting from the iso for bare metal recovery by typing nuke at the boot: prompt.
    There is a call trace on the screen and nothing moves after the end of trace.
    Any help on this will be appreciated.

    • brunocornec Says:

      This may have multiple casues. Could you take a screen shot please ? I prefer that you report this on the mondo mailing-list with a copy of your /var/log/mondoarchive.log without it nobody can debug.

  3. Poonam Says:

    Hi Bruno,
    I have emailed the mindi log and mondo archive log. I will try taking a snapshot of the trace and send shortly.

  4. Poonam Says:

    Snapshot also emailed to

  5. Merry Christmas, MondoRescue 3.2.0 is out ! | Bruno Cornec's Blog Says:

    […] to have all the details, look at the Changelogs available in the trac announce, or read my previous posts about the 3.2 branch development, which started back in October 2013 (or even before in […]

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