HP MyRoom on a 64 bits Linux

Well, HP is now promoting a new solution for webinars called HP MyRoom. And even if they provide rpm (and deb) packages, these are not working out of the box on my Mageia 64 bits distro, of course. That was already the case with HP Virtual Room previsouly.

But nothing you can’t make work, as long as you have the source don’t you ? So here is the receipe:

First install all the required dependencies that are not correctly mentioned in the rpm:

urpmi lib64xtst6 libxtst6 lib64xscrnsaver1 libxscrnsaver1 jpeg-devel lcms-devel lib64pulseaudio0 libpulseaudio0

Then add an additional library which was not even part of Mageia when I started this post 😉
Get it from Cauldron where I uploaded it:

wget http://distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr/pub/linux/Mageia/distrib/cauldron/x86_64/media/core/release/libmng1-1.0.10-1.mga5.x86_64.rpm
wget http://distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr/pub/linux/Mageia/distrib/cauldron/i586/media/core/release/libmng1-1.0.10-1.mga5.i586.rpm
urpmi libmng1-1.0.10-1.mga5.x86_64.rpm libmng1-1.0.10-1.mga5.i586.rpm

Then finally download HP MyRoom for a 64 bits RPM system and install it with:

rpm -ivh --nodeps hpmyroom-

and launch it !


And now enjoy exchanging from Linux as well as from Lynx but without the hassle to use Windows 😉


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3 Responses to “HP MyRoom on a 64 bits Linux”

  1. C Larsonneur Says:

    hpmyroom works out of the box until fedora 21.

    on fedora 21, a dependent library is missing: libmng.so.1
    F21 has updated this library lbmng.so.1 to libmng.so.2

    even if rpm requirement is not met, forcelly using libmng.so.2 work without issue. not clean, but works.

  2. miqui Says:

    on FC23 , this does not quite work…

  3. C Larsonneur Says:

    On FC23, I followed the same kind of fixe:
    installed manually all dependencies myself with dnf, then for libmng, create simply a link, and then install myroom package with –nodeps:

    rpm -i –nodeps hpmyroom…

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