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Fosdem is here again !


In addition to next week event participation for HPE in Cannes, I’ll be at Fosdem the coming week-end in Brussels. And I’m so happy to be able to be there again, as it has been since 2012 that i’ve not participated.

This time, it’s not MondoRescue or related. But the presentation that was selected is part of the Distributions dev room. The title is “Building Linux distribution packages with Docker”. I’ve been using Docker to help in building packages since a long time now, and latest version is now supporting it pretty well to help me package my upstream projects. But I want to cover a different aspect.

Docker has brought an ease of use without comparison with VMs typically to build native upstream distribution packages. Where before it was needed to
launch a complete environment, copy the sources into it, invoke the build tools to create the packages and then copy them back to the host, Docker has made all these steps much easier and straight forward, allowing for more rapid package production and automation.

This presentation will show a detailed use case for building packages for both Mageia and Fedora with their respective bm or koji tools encapsulated in Docker containers. It should help any upstream packager adopt a similar approach to make his packaging task a breathe.

Will be there Saturday the 30th of January (my 20′ talk is at 11:30 in K.4.201) and I’ll stay till Sunday early afternoon. Feel free again to catch me and discuss. When not in my talk, I’ll be in other sessions and also around the Mageia Booth.

And come in mass as this is one of the best FLOSS event WW. Really !

Time to Meet at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technology & Solutions Summit 2016 !


New company name, new event name for our presales and channel partners, but same content of quality with the best experts to transfer knowledge on everything HPE !

And this year, we’ll have a track dedicated to Open Source and Linux ! It’s a first (and hopefully not the last time it’ll be given).

So I’ll be in Cannes next week to cover:

  • HP Helion Openstack 2.0: architecture and live demo – Breakout 145 – Tuesday 2nd of February 2016 – 5:40PM-6:30PM
  • HPE’s Open Source Strategy – Breakout 153 – Wednesday 3rd of February 2016 – 3:00PM-3:50PM
  • Linux Distributions roadmap – Breakout 154 – Thursday 4th of February 2016 – 9:30AM-10:20AM
  • HPE ProLiant Gen9 value add on Linux – Hands-on Lab 24 – Thursday 4th of February 2016 – 4:45PM-6:45PM

And you should be able to meet the Geeks on Wednesday afternoon, myself included.

Other subject of interest are the breakouts 86 (Intro to open source infra automation tools), 48 (container and next gen architecture), and 151 (building an open source high perf object storage cluster with Ceph) and of course the Labs (the Redfish and UEfI ones in particular) and SuSE and Red Hat sponsor sessions. Lots to see !

For those of you wondering why and MondoRescue versions are not published more regularly, that gives you again a hint 😉 Not speaking of the next event in March in Grenoble, TES, where I’m part of the Event team this time.

See you there to talk of these subjects or something else as you see fit. I’m around the whole week.

Diabete and Linux


Last September, I was diagnosed with diabete. I had to pass 5 days in the hospital for complete exams, and was given insulin to solve that issue.

One of the thing you have to do in such case is take your blood sugar level very regularly to check that evrything is fine. And to do that, you have a small equipment which puch your finger, measure the level and store it. Of course, you want to be able to keep that for analysis, communication with your doctors, …

So I was provided with 3 different equipment at the hospital. One was working very well with Linux. USB connection, seen as a drive, equiped with an html page and some javascript to make graphs, stats, tables, … That was the only working so nice with Linux so I went for it. That model is the Accu-Chek® Mobile from Roche. And of course, it’s also a excellent medical choice as it provides everything in it, no test strip to handle, needles included. Very handy.

Accu-Chek Mobile demo

In order to prepare my meeting with the specialist, after 3 months, I wanted to copy everything on my Linux system, and prepare graphs and tables locally, as well as making a backup. But the software provided wasn’t working at all once copied on my system. I had the main page, but nothing was creating the pictures I was used to see when using the device connected through USB.

It turns out there are issues with upper and lower case in the code made on the device. Probably few people have tested it with Linux before 😉
So I made a patch to apply after copying the content of the device on my hard drive, and now everything works as expected.

The patch is the following:

diff -ru /run/media/bruno/ACCU-CHEK/html/start_body.htm ./html/start_body.htm
--- /run/media/bruno/ACCU-CHEK/html/start_body.htm      2012-07-18 13:08:50.000000000 +0200
+++ ./html/start_body.htm       2015-10-29 00:41:52.903662869 +0100
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
-    http://../js/setting.js
+    http://../js/Setting.js
diff -ru /run/media/bruno/ACCU-CHEK/html/start_header.htm ./html/start_header.htm
--- /run/media/bruno/ACCU-CHEK/html/start_header.htm    2012-07-18 13:08:50.000000000 +0200
+++ ./html/start_header.htm     2015-10-29 02:10:58.384108253 +0100
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
-    http://../js/setting.js
+    http://../js/Setting.js
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@
         //crc check
         if (settings[14] === 1 && (m_useIE || m_useFF || (m_useOpera && m_useOperaVer < 11) || m_useSafari)) {
             g_totalCRC32 = 0;
-            checkCrcValue('../start.html');
+            checkCrcValue('../Start.html');
@@ -184,6 +184,8 @@
                 alt: 'len error'
+               // BCO
+               m_checkjs = 0;
         if (m_useIE || m_useFF) {
             window.parent.document.title = jQuery.i18n.prop('msg_HTMLTitle')

The last patch avoids a check based on the serial number to be done, which was creating issues for me so that’s why I desactivated it.

You also need to rename an image:

mv images/KLine.JPG KLine.jpg

Once you’ve done that, you can enjoy using your device content locally without an issue !
If someone from Roche reads this, would be great to modify upstream for future versions.

Anyway, since January, I’ve stppoed insulin as my level was extremely good and I wasn’t needed it anymore. Doing 30′ of bicycle per day and paying more attention to not eat 3 desserts too often (or very large milk-shakes as during our trip in the US, just before my blood test) is definitely helping. The next stpe is to reduce the number of medicines I’m still taking. I should start to test that next month.

Spectacle François Ier à l’église de St Ismier ce Samedi 9 Janvier à 20h30


Si le coeur vous en dit, si vous avez un peu de temps aussi en ce début d’année, venez écouter l’ensemble Variations lors du concert organisé en l’église de St Ismier.

Et n’hésitez pas à faire passer le message !

Dans ce spectacle autour des arts au temps de François Ier, vous pourrez entendre des pièces sacrées et profanes illustrant la vie du roi, écouter des textes de la Renaissance en rapport et admirer diverses oeuvres d’art du temps du monarque:

Eglise St Philibert de St Ismier – Samedi 9 Janvier 2016 à 20h30
Entrée libre

Nous sommes dix chanteurs et acteurs dans ce magnifique programme d’une heure 15 avec projection de photos et des textes chantés, accessible à tout âge. Quelle meilleure manière de commencer 2016 !

En espérant vous y rencontrer !